Unbelief, Belief, Trust

Unbelief, Belief, Trust
Lent 2019

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Sometimes we pray with confidence. Sometimes we pray through doubt. Are there prayers you don’t feel confident to pray right now? In Mark 9:24, a desperate father cried out to Jesus, “I do believe; Help me overcome my unbelief!” Jesus responded by healing his son. This passage shows us we can be completely honest with Jesus and that it’s ok to ask for His help to overcome doubt. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the prayers that are hard to pray, and ask Jesus to help us overcome our unbelief.

Our prayers have more power than we might think. In the early days of the church, Acts 12 tells us that the Apostle Peter was in prison in a dire situation. “The church was earnestly praying to God for him.” That very night an angel intervened and set Peter free! It was a miracle, but when Peter returned to the church, the people were astonished when they saw him. They were praying for his release, but apparently didn’t expect him to come back. Today, let us persevere through doubt, because even when we struggle with expectations, our prayers are working in ways that may surprise us.

Sometimes we doubt is a response to circumstances that surround us. The Israelites were stuck between the Red Sea on one side and the Egyptian army on the other. And The Bible says that they were terrified. Can you relate to their experience? Do you feel restless or doubtful today? Listen to how Moses encouraged them in Exodus 14:4. He said, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” As we pray, let’s practice being still. Meditate on God’s power and God’s faithfulness, even when it feels like we are surrounded on every side.